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***Spring Romance Blast*** Abbie Zanders

Abbie Zanders

Mythic Series

A Different Kind of Paranormal Romance Series
Each book is a stand-alone with HEA, though to fully immerse yourself in the world of Mythic, the suggested reading order is:
1. Faerie Godmother
2. Fallen Angel
3. The Oracle at Mythic
4. Wolf Out of Water

Faerie Godmother (Mythic Series, Book 1)

Even among the preternaturals that call Mythic home, gentle-hearted veterinarian Ana McKinnon is special, and master vamp Vlane Masterson is determined to know why.

Mythic’s newest citizen, Dr. Ana McKinnon, has a secret.
No one knows; not even the Werewolf pack that has taken her under their protection. When Ana unexpectedly receives invitation to Mythic’s most prestigious event: a masquerade ball hosted by the reclusive Vlane Masterson, she doesn’t want to go. She only accepts when she realizes that not going will draw more unwanted attention to herself than going.
It’s a good plan. At least until the master vampire himself finds her alone and decides to sample the goods.
Vlane Masterson awakens the morning after his annual soirée to find that something changed him, utterly. The vampires are understandably concerned; anything that can render such a powerful being vulnerable can upset the delicate balance of power and fragile alliances between the various preternatural, Extraordinary creatures that call Mythic home.
The last thing he remembers is partaking of a particularly lovely creature dressed as a legendary Faerie. But who is she? And why can’t he stop thinking about her? Where could she be … his mysterious Faerie?

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Fallen Angel (Mythic Series, Book 2)

Cynical human businessman David Michael Corrigan is completely unaware of the preternatural creatures that call the nearby town of Mythic home, until a fallen angel appears on his doorstep, summoned by his dying mother.

Fate or free will?

Cynical human businessman David Michael Corrigan is a real take-charge kind of guy. Supremely confident, this multimillionaire has no tolerance for brown-nosing sycophants or parasitic bottom feeders looking for a free ride.
When a scruffy-looking young woman shows up at his front door late one night to “help” his dying mother, he’s sure it’s a scam. The only reason he allows her to step foot in his house is because his mother likes her. It has nothing to do with the fact that she has the biggest, prettiest gray eyes he’s ever seen, or that he can’t seem to stop thinking about her.
Ryssa has enough to deal with. Earth-bound and indentured in servitude in a Demon-run club, her best friend is a serial-killer’s ghost and she lives in crummy apartment with a lactose-intolerant vampire. She doesn’t need the scathing derision of a close-minded, condescending mortal male.
Too bad her angelic nature won’t allow her to forsake the powerfully good soul hiding beneath all that bristling arrogance. Nor will his conscience allow him to ignore his instincts that there is so much more beneath the surface of that beautiful, defensive street rat.

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The Oracle at Mythic (Mythic Series, Book 3)

Professional academic Tedi Papadopoulos comes to Mythic hoping to get an audience with the world’s foremost (and extremely reclusive) expert on paranormal folklore for her thesis. As the new girl in town, she draws a lot of interest, including sexy vampire playboy Kristoff. A tragic past has Kristoff going to great lengths to deny the instant and powerful connection between them, but as he soon learns, there’s no fighting Fate.

Doctoral candidate Tedi Papadopoulos might appear absent-minded, but that’s only because she’s got so much going on in there. She believes the seemingly unrelated series of events that brought her to Mythic have a purpose, even if she can’t yet see what that is.
It might have something to do with the tall, dark, and sexy guy who tends to appear at the most opportune times. And she’d be totally okay with that, because he has a way of focusing her thoughts. When he’s around, she can’t think of anything else.
Despite his best efforts, Kristoff can’t get Mythic’s newest arrival out of his mind. Sure, she’s adorably addled and sexy, but she’s unknowingly putting a crimp in his playboy lifestyle and he’s not happy about it. The fact that she’s garnered the attention of every shifter, mage, and vamp – including his own grandsire – isn’t helping.

There’s no doubt Tedi has a sense of Destiny about her. He’s just not convinced it’s his.

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Wolf Out of Water (Mythic Series, Book 4)

Matt’s pack is getting antsy. They want him to pick a mate and soon. The trouble is, Matt’s just hasn’t found the right one --- until he takes an involuntary vacation and meets Jessie at the beach. Too bad she’s already promised to another.

Matt’s pack is getting antsy. They want him to pick a mate and soon. The trouble is, the Werewolf Alpha just hasn’t found the right one. He wants a mate who will challenge him at every step, a female strong of will and body. The fact that such a woman hasn’t conveniently laid herself at his doorstep along with all of the other she-wolves vying for his attention is making him very cranky.
His sister Dani insists a few days of rest and relaxation at the beach is exactly what he needs. Matt reluctantly agrees, if for no other reason than to get his sister and the rest of his pack off his back.
He never expected to find his mate. And he really didn’t expect her to be human, not when she’s so perfect in every other way.
Jessie Sablewolf is being forced into a mating she doesn’t want. In what’s to be her final rebellion, she escapes to the beach for a week of sun and fun. Fun that includes parasailing, jet skiing, body-surfing, and the no-strings hook-up of her dreams.
Thanks to an amulet bespelled by her magically powerful best friend, the insanely sexy Alpha wolf has no idea she’s a shifter. That’s good, because as her true mate, he could ruin everything.

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About Abbie Zanders ...

Abbie Zanders is a sucker for romance and promises her readers two things: happily ever afters, always, and no cliffhangers, ever. Alpha males and strong heroines are a given.

Abbie was born and raised in Northeastern Pennsylvania, USA. With degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics, she worked for more than twenty-five years as a software engineer, designing and writing financial applications, though she has also held second jobs as a deli clerk, pub waitress, restaurant baker, and secretary. She has been crafting stories since elementary school. She is a very busy wife and mother of three teenagers (including a set of identical twins). Besides being an avid reader and writer, she also loves animals (especially big dogs), classic muscle cars, and 80's hair bands.


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