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Review for Once Upon A (The Stained Duet #1) by Charlotte E. Hart: ★★★★★

Once Upon A (The Stained Duet #1)Once Upon A by Charlotte E. Hart

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

::..Reviewed for Red's Midnight Readers..::

I was very kindly provided with an ARC in exchange for an honest review. I have given it 5 stars but it deserves so much more!!

Finally!!! A story to feed the deviant inside me that is always wanting stories to be darker, dirtier and quite frankly Charlotte has pretty much hit the nail on the head with Once Upon A, I have been left begging for more and it's not fair.

This story was everything a great book should be and so much more. It was deliciously dark and twisted, gripping me from the very first word and captivating my attention until the very end. An absolute masterpiece of writing from a very talented author. She has created a highly erotic story that left me mesmerized and panting with desire.
She sets the scenes within the story so beautifully, making them easy to imagine as she took me on an intense roller coaster journey of self discovery and fierce passion.

Blaine is ruthless- He messed with my brain. He's an arse by his own admission and his actions should have been terrifying but actually were a total and utter turn on. He might just be the perfect book boyfriend. He's intelligent and calculating, knowing exactly what Alana needs even before she knows herself. Alana is lost, driven by deadlines and the need to find the next thing to fill that void but she doesn't count on that need being fulfilled by a sadistic dominant!

This is an addictive must read that everyone should one click!


Alana Williams is three published authors. She has been for years, but now she wants to add another voice to her whirlwind of deadlines and unachievable targets. Trouble is, she knows nothing of her latest literary undertaking - KINK.


It began as research. Just research. The technical approach. One that delivers the content necessary for a hidden culture to seem plausible, even if it's not. Readers expect perfection from me. They want the experience. To be taken on a journey. That's my job as a writer - to make them believe.
Blaine Jacobs is his name. He's my research. A man who seems as logical and focused as me. A man who agrees to help. A man who, regardless of his stature in the community, seems to offer a sense of realism to this strange section of society. And even if he does occasionally interrupt my data with dark brooding eyes and a questionably filthy mouth, what does it matter? It's just research, isn't it? It's not real. None of this is. Nothing will come of it or change my mind.

So why am I confused?
I'm becoming lost.
Falling apart.

And Blaine Jacobs, no matter how calm he might have seemed at first, now appears to linger on the outskirts of sanity, pushing my boundaries with every whispered word.

Note from the author:
This book is intended for mature audiences. 18+ 
It's BDSM based and violent on occasion.
Dark read.

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