Monday, 10 July 2017

***Spotlight*** Loving Her Scars by B.M Griffin

Loving Her Scars is a paranormal shifter romance.
Shayla barely survived her first love, Eric. He left her broken and scared in more ways than one. Her best friend Adam is the only man she has been able to trust since. Friends since childhood, Adam has been in love with Shayla as long as he can remember. He wasn't able to save her from Eric, but he is determined never to fail her again. He wants their relationship to become more than friends, but he is afraid that Shayla will run when she learns his secret-Adam is a werewolf.
When a powerful werewolf pack leader discovers Shayla's connection to Adam, Shayla finds herself in danger again and Adam has to reveal his secret identity so he can fight to keep her safe.
Can Shayla learn to love Adam and accept him for who he is, or will her fear of being hurt drive a wedge between them that nothing can overcome?

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Shayla was broken, but Adam never left her side. He loved her through everything until she discovered how strong she truly was. Shayla knows pain, but thanks to Adam she learns to know what true love can feel like. Can their love survive when another werewolf alpha tries to rip them apart to abuse their gifts?

“Loving Her Scars” by B.M. Griffin is available now on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited. 
Shayla’s scars run deep, but Adam’s love is deeper. When she learns Adam is a werewolf, can they find strength together or will they end up being torn apart? 

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"Adam bent his legs as he got ready to attack, but before he could make the leap to take Mike out Shayla’s voice brought everything to a standstill. “Adam, please don’t do this.”Her voice was so quiet a normal person wouldn’t have been able to hear what she said, but Adam’s wolf ears could pick up on people whispering a hundred feet away. He turned to face Shayla and Jared finally let her go so she could approach Adam. Adam concentrated on calming himself down and drew his flames back into himself. There was no way he’d risk allowing Shayla too close to him while he was in that state, not when a simple touch could turn the strongest of werewolves to ash.Shayla moved closer to him once his fur was back to normal. Mike hadn’t moved back in their direction but Adam continued to make sure he watched him in his peripheral view. She reached out with a shaky hand and ran her fingers through the fur on the top of his head. “I don’t want you to hurt your friends or you pack over me, Adam. I understand sometimes you have to hurt others to protect yourself, but I don’t want you to feel like you have to hurt those close to you.”Adam shifted back into his human self and pulled her close. He kissed her on the top of her head and let his cheek rest on her head for a second. Pulling back just far enough he could see her face, Adam placed his fingers under her chin and lifted her face so she was looking in his eyes. “Shay, I thought you understood. No one is more important to me than you. I love you, I always have. I will never stand by and let someone hurt you. We both know I stood aside in the past because you asked me to, and we both know how that turned out. That will never happen again.”Shayla had tears in her eyes as she stared back at him and she tilted her head up to give him a quick kiss."

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